Poznań will speak the universal language of dentistry again (ENG by Dental Tribune)

Poznań will speak the universal language of dentistry again (by Dental Tribune)

POZNAŃ, Poland: There are hundreds of reasons to visit Poznań, but from 14 to 16 September one of them is the 26th edition of the Central European Dental Exhibition (CEDE). For the first time this year, CEDE 2017 will be accompanied by the Polish Union Dentistry Congress. In an interview with Dental Tribune Online, Prof. Marzena Dominiak, Chairperson of the Scientific Council of the Polish Union Dentistry Congress, spoke about how the hosts of the 2016 FDI Annual World Dental Congress wish to repeat its success by combining science and business.

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The participants of the FDI Congress 2016 truly appreciated the high level of professionalism and organisation of the event. Was the positive feedback the reason you were encouraged to apply the same formula to organise the Polish Union Dentistry Congress?

The 2016 FDI Congress was a significant event for Poland and I think that all the organisers had the same impression. The successful cooperation with the FDI Educational Committee—to acquire lecturers, plan the topics and so forth—was worth the sacrifices that were made. I am sure that Dr Patrick Hescot, who thanked Poland at the end of the 2016 FDI Congress at Poznań, spoke on behalf of the dental community, who attended from across the world. Of course, we also received a lot of personal feedback from people saying that coming to Poznań was worth it and that the programme and the exhibition met their expectations.

The correct answer to the question however requires a broader view of the dental industry. As we know, the FDI Congress in Poznań replaced the Central European Dentistry Exhibition. In preparation of the FDI, the CEDE organisers saw the potential and opportunity to test their model based on a larger scientific congress. This decision was made consciously, understanding that the dental industry, especially the distribution of products, constantly changes and that the exhibition itself cannot only be a place for business transactions. It would be completely uneconomic. The situation changes when manufacturers and distributors come together to update their knowledge and skills using the best equipment on the market—it is a highly attractive proposition for all who are involved. These were the conclusions that inspired the way we organised the Polish Union Dentistry Congress.

But, this model does not only work for the FDI?

That’s right. The fact that science and business complement each other is recognised by exhibition organisers all over the world. The Polish Union Dentistry Congress is going to become a platform where outstanding professionals and experienced producers share their knowledge. In a sense, it contributes to the development of the Polish dentistry industry, because, as we know, the boundaries of business and science in this market have been blurred a long time ago.

CEDE is one of the largest exhibitions in Central Europe. Do you think the exhibition will become even more international, since it is accompanied by the Polish Union Dentistry Congress?

Many Polish academics are recognised internationally, which attracts some of the best foreign lecturers to come to Poland on a regular basis. We are hoping that this trend will continue with CEDE and the Polish Union Dentistry Congress going forward. When one wishes to develop new skills, one should not solely rely on domestic experiences. Sometimes it is necessary to investigate a problem from a different or international perspective, which is what makes dentistry so interesting.

We would like to invite anyone who is interested in participating, regardless of where they are based or what level of work experience they can offer, to attend the congress in Poznan. Lectures and workshops are divided according to levels of difficulty and are translated simultaneously. The best Polish specialists and renowned foreign experts are speaking, including, Prof. Joseph Choukroun, Prof. Itzhak Binderman, Prof. Marcel Wainwright, Dr Gianluca Paniz, Dr Hugo Sousa Dias, Dr Vittorio Franco, Prof. Liebaug and many more. The full congress programme consists of more than 100 lectures in several different sessions.

For those interested in practical experience, we are also offering workshops, including some workshops on cadavers. All the important information about CEDE and the congress can be found on and on the official CEDE 2017 smartphone app. I have no doubt that this September, Poznań will speak the universal language of dentistry again.


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